Friday, May 4, 2012

Extreme Wear Nail Enamel

Happy Friday! Hope you are ready for your weekend.  I wanted to tell you about a product I tried this week. Extreme Wear nail enamel from Sally Hansen. I have tried a number of nail polishes in different price ranges. I was searching for a certain color that had been discontinued by a major competitor. In my quest to find the color I bought several different bottles, finding none that I liked.  I saw a bottle in the Sally Hansen display at Target that looked like the color I wanted. I bought it at a cost of $2.99.  To my amazement this is the best nail polish I have ever used. It stays on! It is a gel like consistency and it's a bit hard to put on but it's worth it for the time you can wear without chips. Disclaimer: I have no connection to Sally Hansen nor am I receiving any monetary gain from this post. Give it a try. It's worth it and so are you!

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