Saturday, September 24, 2011

Treasures from Liberty Antique Festival, Liberty, North Carolina

I wanted to show you some treasures I found yesterday at the Liberty Antique Festival. First is a retail seed display case originally from Rochester, N. J..  This would make a great retail card display or maybe for Christmas cards. We will see what I can find for this little treasure.

Next I found a salon wooden case. Not sure how old, I would guess 30-40 years.  It made a great organizer for my creative corner. Love it.

Lastly for display I found a 45 Record wire display rack. I am going to use it for extra paper near my work area. I have only a corner and I need to optimize the space for my paper crafting. This helps me keep paper close at hand on my salon case. I had one of these as a child.  Who would have ever thought I would replace it? 

I found some great old ivory distressed buttons and stamps, some of which have been cancelled and others never used. Now to start to work. Have a great weekend! Pin It

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